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︎︎︎ The Matchmaker - Bird's Nest
Design Week Jerusalem Exhbition

It is hard to miss the Swift birds when walking around the streets of Jerusalem and especially in the Old City.
The Swift bird chooses to build his house between the walls, and his nests are already an integral part of the city walls.
The city walls are like a time capsule.
Everyone who looks at them is exposed to the different age groups and eras that passed through the city.
The wall brings stability that allows the development of life within it, by putting a buffer between the inside and the outside.
The base of the walls clings to these stones, as if it also seeks the same protection and stability as in the wall.
In this project examination and investigation of handles and their usefulness out of a desire to produce an integral form in which the handle is not a foreign addition but a significant part of the whole form by using the ceramic printing form method
The nest seeks to protect and preserve the small time capsules hidden inside it, on the one hand, but on the other hand, it has a central dimension of innovation, change and improvisation that is reflected in the materials that make up the nest, which are collected from abandoned objects on the city streets.
The project seeks to explore the axis between preservation and renewal and between the expected and the unexpected.
In an innovative work process, a connection is made between the ceramic material and the metal using unconventional techniques, which challenge the capabilities of the material and the technique. In this way we sought to illuminate a new perspective on the static and dynamic in the urban space around us.
#Jerusalem Design Week. Jerusalem 2022 

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