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Improving  and Upgrading the Product using Research and Technological Advancements

New product design based on the company's existing design system

Conversations with customers after changes and the learning of the user and his journey in the product

Purchase Order Line
(from old UI no NG)



︎︎︎ Goals
The goals are to assess how users interact with the new POL (Purchase Order Line) page, identify any issues they encounter while performing daily tasks, determine problems they have using the new NG (Next Generation) layout, and identify improvements that can be made to the NG layout, such as the use of sliding panels and editing in the details pane. Additionally, the study aims to identify issues with the save function and potential solutions to reduce the number of clicks required.

︎︎︎ User Quotes
“..about the new look of the split screen, most of the time not using split screen, since I comparing the full screen with the invoices. But even than, Split screen is a time saver even when normally don't use it”...

“..about the quick editing, I don’t like opening each form and saving it, also the fields names are not clear enough, and I would like that  the look of the editable fields to have a fram”...

“..when I’m creating the POlines I will like to fix the fields that are needed to be filled in - and in the new UI it’s not clear enough how to do it”...

︎︎︎ User Study Conclusion

Based on the user study, several issues were identified:
  1. Save button: Users are unable to locate the save button and may forget to save, which slows down their workflow as they have to open and close each section repeatedly.
  2. Sections: In the old UI, sections were more intuitive and easily accessible, whereas in the new UI, they are hidden.
  3. Workflow continuity: After completing POLines and either sending them or sending them for manual packaging, the page does not automatically close, which can be confusing for users. Users expect to return to the list view or view metadata, but instead, they have to refresh the page to continue with the next flow step.
  4. Unclear form fields: Users find it difficult to identify where they need to input information in the new forms.

︎︎︎ Recommedations
Based on the findings, the following recommendations are suggested:
  1. Edit all action that opens to edit all the forms.
  2. Add a save all action that saves all the forms.
  3. Change the screen after saving a new POL to the list screen.
  4. Add an indication when there is something inside the sections.
  5. Add sections in the split-screen view to see all sections upfront.
  6. Add more actions up front (in the sections area) from the sections drop-down, such as invoice lines and attachments, with numbers to avoid additional clicks if nothing is there.
  7. Check an option to add more actions in the expanded view (instead of one action with three dots) to reduce clicks.

After conducting the user study, the team gathered conclusions and analysis, and implemented several new updates